About Us

Klaist was founded in 1994 from the entrepreneurial dream of Alberto Bonfanti, a deep connoisseur of the packaging market, and his experience as a Salesperson in major companies in the sector. He innovated and personalized the idea of a product, the custom shopping bags, to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

The founder’s idea was to create a company that manufactures shopping bags with a customer-oriented approach, thus interpreting the needs of the client at its best and acting as a partner and consultant, rather than just a supplier. Klaist has always aimed to ensure high standards of service and customer satisfaction, designing and producing custom shopping bags in various colors, sizes, materials, and uses.

That idea, indeed, remains valid 25 years later. Klaist has grown by internalizing skills and technologies in printing, graphics, and production, allowing it to design, produce, and package 100% of the shopping bags it offers.

Klaist delivers high quality in the finished product through control of the entire supply chain and extremely competitive delivery times. Its production flexibility and planning are carefully monitored with excellent logistics and transportation services dedicated to the end customer or retailer.

Today, Klaist produces more than 5 million manual shopping bags. Klaist fulfills over 2,500 orders a year, establishing itself as a recognized and reliable partner in both the Italian and international markets.

Our mission

Klaist’s mission is to produce high-quality packaging, committing to guide the customer step by step in creating the most suitable solution for their needs, combining products and services for the utmost satisfaction of its customers, all while respecting the environment and sustainability.

Our vision

Klaist believes that packaging is not just a product, but an experience. It aims to be a company that manufactures customized shopping bags, transforming paper into messages and emotions for those who see, touch, and use it: Klaist wants to be the medium through which its customers communicate with the world.