The art of folding paper


The art of folding paper

Japanese Bag

The Japanese Luxury Shopping Bag is a luxury paper bag inspired by Japanese culture and aesthetics. This type of bag is designed to offer a unique and refined experience when shopping for luxury items. The best of packaging only for exclusive luxury.

The bag has a solid and high quality manufacture, made with certified materials and the highest range. The bottom is designed with a reference to Japanese tradition, with a design that recalls the tatami mats or the floor of a traditional ryokan, the traditional Japanese inn.

Often, the colours chosen are reminiscent of Japanese nature and culture, such as gold, silver, pink and white hot prints. These details make the shopping bag unique and sophisticated

As for the handles, they could be made of materials such as braided lanyard or double satin ribbon, which recall Japanese craftsmanship traditions. The handles can also be 100% paper, to have a significantly lower environmental impact.