Eco-sustainability in elegance


Eco-sustainability in elegance

Eco Bag

A 100% eco-friendly luxury shopping bag is a paper shopping bag designed with sustainable and eco-friendly materials, with the aim of reducing environmental impact and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Helping Our Planet

To make the shopping bag even more eco-friendly, it is treated with water-based inks, free of toxic substances and pollutants. In this way, the use of inks based on chemical solvents that are harmful to the environment is avoided.

The eco-friendly luxury shopping bag could also be decorated with natural elements, such as straps and closure tapes always made of paper or 100% cotton that, while maintaining the same appearance as cotton, are biodegradable and do not contribute to single-use plastic.

This sustainable paper bag is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags or non-recyclable bags. By choosing a 100% eco-friendly luxury shopping bag, you will help preserve the environment, reduce pollution and promote a lifestyle that respects the planet.

The bag is made entirely of recycled paper or from sustainable sources, such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper. The choice of eco-friendly materials helps to reduce the use of natural resources and energy consumption during production.

The paper used is of high quality and durable enough to hold purchases. The paper is strictly moldmade or in Havana kraft, giving an elegant look to the bag.