The art of paper folding


Handmade folded paper, made by men and women for whom detail and care are form and substance, because a Klaist bag is a choice, a message, a creative act, is communicating to the entire world something yours and important for you.

Someone calls them bags, other shoppers, other purses, for us they are Art and Technique, Commitment, Love and Passion for more than 20 years. The paper folds, forms an idea, represents it, communicates it. In Klaist we don’t make bags, shoppers or boxes, in Klaist we transmit ideas and emotions, ours, yours.

In klaist we give shape and voice to your ideas: from the design to the choice of material, of the craftings and furnitures. We realize solutions for manual and automatic packaging to fulfill your needs.

shopper lusso personalizzate


Why Klaist?


We chose quality, from the paper we use to the processing we offer, to suppliers, to the maniacal attention in manual packaging, to the preparation of shipments, everything we do is based on a high quality product with one goal: to satisfy our customer.


The world turns fast and the needs of our customers even more! In a few days we can prepare your manual and personalized shoppers, ready to be shipped where you prefer, in Italy or abroad.


Thanks to the in-house graphic studio we will realize the customization you want, advising you on the choice of materials, sizes and workings that best match your idea of communication.

Successful Shopping bags

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Do you have an emergency?

Is the fair close? Does the scheduled event have more participants than expected? Are sales going great? Or have you simply not purchased on time the correct amount of shoppers or boxes?
Klaist has a specialized team for these situations, we will produce what you need in the shortest time possible and we will ship it wherever you want in Italy or abroad.

Our Certifications and Partners

Our commitment to a sustainable future and present.
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