Klaist srl has always been sensitive to the respect and protection of Nature and the Environment in which we live and, since 1998, has always promoted the use of natural and eco-sustainable materials for the production of paper shoppers.

Pursuing this philosophy, Klaist srl has decided to adhere to the voluntary FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, for responsible forest management.

Klaist srl has obtained the certification of the chain of custody (COC) so that the products involved in the manufacture of the shopper come from FSC® certified forests.

Similarly, Klaist srl is constantly engaged in the research for colours and paints that guarantee the highest quality while respecting the environment. For this reason, it has recently decided to use DIATONE® ECOPURE SAKATA INX colours, a semi-fresh plant-based colour with a high concentration of pigments, to ensure that these objectives are achieved.

We hope that the daily commitment we put into the creation of each individual personalised shopper can be useful to guarantee a service to our customers that always meets expectations, while respecting the environment around us.

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