Types of Prints

Print types

You can customize your shopping bags or boxes with various types of prints, which enrich the prints and make the final result unique. 

stampa offset shopper carta personalizzate

Offset printing

Offset printing is an indirect roller printing process, i.e., the image is not transferred directly from the plate to the paper, but through a complex system of rollers, which allows highdefinition printing both in four-colour and pantone colour.

Hot Printing

To obtain brilliant prints with a metallic effect, we use the method called hot foil printing.
It consists in creating a personalized engraving, superimposing between it and the support to be printed a metal foil, which uses heat to apply a dye layer during printing.

stampa a caldo
stampa a rilievo su borse e scatole di carta

Relief printing

Thanks to the relief printing, you can get a three-dimensional effect to your prints with really amazing results, giving that artistic touch to the final product and embellishing it with a unique effect.

Uv Printing/Painting

It is a type of additional coating applied to the printing that hardens and dries in a very short time, thanks to ultraviolet rays, giving the final product an aesthetic and exceptional quality.

shopper carta personalizzate stampa verniciatura uv
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