Ennoblement: it is the process through which it the paper is transformed qualitatively, giving it particular effects

Relief printing: relief printing is a printing process that involves imprinting colourless and projecting images or text on the surface of the paper.

Die-cutter:  The flat die-cutter is an instrument consisting of a steel strip with a sharp top profile which, reproducing a certain shape, is used in printing, paper-making and related industries for cutting and/or creasing paper, cardboard or similar materials in complex abstract forms.

Flexographic printing:  most commonly called flexo, is a direct rotary printing method, which uses matrix plates in embossed rubber or photopolymeric materials, called cliches.

Lamination: The process that allows to combine the layer of paper with a synthetic film that in addition to protecting the paper gives it particular features. There are various laminations:

  • matt lamination: softens colors and attenuates reflected light, very suitable for graphics containing a large amount of text because they improve readability.
  • glossy lamination: gives brightness to the graphics enhancing colors and reflections.
  • soft touch lamination: the plastic film coupled to the paper transforms it into an almost velvety surface, with great effect to the touch.

Offset plate:  is the support (shape) used in offset printing that physically transfers the ink onto a rubberized support (natural rubber) which in turn transfers it, by contact, to the paper.

Offset printing: Offset printing is an indirect roller printing process, i.e., the image is not transferred directly from the plate to the paper but through a complex system of rollers, which allows high definition printing and on supports with an irregular surface.

Hot printing: Hot printing is a direct reel printing system, in which the transfer of the contrast element is achieved with the combined effect of pressure, heat and detachment speed. The thermotransferable contrast element is interposed between the print form and the print support.

UV printing: The ultraviolet printing is based on the fact that the UV rays of the lamps completely and instantly dry the ink. This allows a cleaner printing and better color rendering.

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