Certificazione FSC

Certificates to give you greater insurances

Klaist srl has always been sensible to respecting the nature with live in and environmental safeguard, since 1998 has always been promoting the use of organic and sustainable materials for the paper shoppers production.
Pursuing this philosophy Klaist srl decided to join the voluntary certification FSC(), for a responsable forestal management.
Klaist srl attained the chain of custody certification (COC) therefore products employed in the shopper’s realization come from certified woods. Similarly Klaist srl is constantly busy with the research of colors and paints that could grant the best quality in respect of the environment. This is the reason why they recently decided to use colors DIATONE® ECOPURE SAKATA INX, a vegetal half-green base highly concentrated of pigments, to grant the obtaining of such tasks.
We wish the daily commitment with put into the realization of a single customized shopper could be useful to ensure our customers a service always according to expectations, in respect of the environment surrounding us.

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