Frequently Asked Question

We offer various delivery methods to retailers and also to the end customer. The time to have the goods ready to be shipped ranges from 5 days to 6 weeks.

We have over 900 formats and new ones are developed weekly.

We use the best Italian paper suppliers with a wide range of weights (from 170gr to 250gr) and patinations.
We go from the use-hand paper (unplasticized), to the Havana (natural non-bleached paper) and on request we can select for you fine and special papers. The paper can then be laminated (glossy / matte) and / or treated for special effects such as soft touch or anti-smear.

The handles are available in cotton, polypropylene, grosgrain and double satin. In addition, we also offer the die-cut handle and various processes such as the retractable handle, the gift type closure tape and the PVC tube.

Sure! Our graphic and technical office will analyze your image to provide you with indications to best reproduce it in full color and pantone, also giving you all the best indications on the most suitable paper and on the possible processes.

For this process we offer hot stamping, available in various metallic and pastel colors. Or we can produce the so-called UV printing available in both glossy and matt with a special varnish.

The minimum number of bags that can be made depends on the product chosen: our salespeople will be happy to offer the best solution for your needs.

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